About Us

Who We Are

Amizara Agencies was founded and established in the year 1999 by Mr. Viral Sakaria, a dynamic entrepreneur and professionally managed family organization, engaged into Marketing & Distribution of Specialty Chemical raw materials. We focus on sourcing and distribution of specialty chemical raw materials for the target end use industries like Paints, Printing Inks, UV, Coatings, Adhesives, Wood coatings & Construction Chemicals.

Since its establishment, Amizara Agencies has grown significantly to become a leader & gain reputation in the respective market. We have made continuous & constant improvements in terms of bringing global technology products & making it available to our customers locally with techno-commercial advantages.

Amizara has consistently provided solution-based specialty chemicals & proved to become one of the important “Supply Chain Partner” to our esteemed customers & as a reliable agent distributor to our global suppliers.

We offer a comprehensive package of services along the entire value chain right from sourcing, research and analysis, marketing, sales, distribution and logistics to after-sales services. We provide customer centric tailor-made services based on a comprehensive network of unique personalise feelings.

As a distributor, we offer our local expertise & resources to global suppliers who wish to grow their business in India.

Our entrepreneurial spirit has always strived for future ambitious growth. We are growing… and continue to grow.

For our Global Partners:

We work closely with our suppliers, provide them our local experience & help simplify business promotion to support & drive growth. With the time and years of our experience handling local business & regulations, we offer solution-based model to our supplier which in turn helps them build long term and sustainable business strategy. We know all our local and global markets inside-out, putting us in a strong position to not only share insights, but also shape the trends of the future.

Amizara believes edge over other distributors due to its transparent approach, expertise’s with in-depth knowledge and excellent relationships in the Indian market place. Helping companies to grow their businesses in new and existing markets, our success is based on the ability of ethical work and long-term vision.

For our Customers:

With our expertise on local and global markets inside-out, putting us in a strong position to not only support currently, but also shape the trends of the future. We provide international quality products at competitive rates with local availability & closely work with customers as part of their supply team to make sure the products are readily available at competitive rates with flexible terms.

We at Amizara are known for our ethical and futuristic business model:

“We Sell Solutions, Just not the Products”

Our Team

Team Amizara offers comprehensive and customizable Market Expansion Services along the entire value chain, from sourcing to after-sales services, taking care of our business partners’ products as if they are our own. Our sales and technical managers are qualified & highly specialized in their respective business Units that mirror our fields of expertise.

The team consists of professionals, who have extensive experience of in-depth Indian market, logistics, foreign exchange management, swift clearances at port etc., which are key and fundamentals competitive business services.

Our Strengths

  1. With basket of product offering, we provide total solution, this includes key material along with technical assistance & local stocks.
  2. With our centrally location positions and local sales coverage across, a highly effective sales team, excellent infrastructure, and deep industry expertise, we provide a wide choice of marketing and sales activities to help you grow your business.
  3. Have excellent relationship with leading Paints, Inks & Adhesives customers in India.
  4. Qualified Technical staff & experienced sales people to support local customer inquiry.
  5. Know the end users 1:1 and having personal relations.
  6. Our own & well managed warehouse facility at Bhiwandi, near Nava Sheva port with access to all kind of local transportation for prompt deliveries covering all across India
  7. With extensive travel to fairs and supplier’s factories in Europe and Asia, having good access to global market, and a deep industry expertise, we can source any material you need while offering the perfect mix of cost-effectiveness, quality, and local supplies.
  8. Regular exhibition participation & good visibility in the market.

Future Vision

Being ready for the future is essential. In the up-coming decade, Amizara is ready to gear up and provide sustainable and green chemistry products for the betterment of the society and industry. This is part of our commitments to society & we will continuously keep working in this direction with the help of our global suppliers & local customers. We also promise to ensure compliance with utmost safety and environmental regulations.

All India Network & Accessibility

Through sales network, regular rotation of stocks, new additions with upgraded technology available locally, investing in product research and enhancing our portfolio with trusted suppliers, we continue to grow. This growth strategy – in combination with local stocks, prompt deliveries and fulfilling commitments towards our supplier and customers – is what will enable us to continue to succeed in the years to come. We invest hugely in human assets and modern warehouse facilities ensuring day to day deliveries are taken care with all safety measures and precautions.

We are positioned with strategic locations, so we can deliver timely services, ensuring stock is available and ready to ship to all our markets. As centrally located with access to all regional states, we are able to respond with speed to prompt supply chain and promise in-time deliveries.

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